Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Study find pollutants in Canadian blood samples

Canadians are walking around with a cocktail of harmful toxic chemicals in their bodies, says a new report from an environmental watchdog group.
The report, entitled Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadians finds that, no matter where Canadians live, how old they are or what they do for a living, they are contaminated with measurable levels of chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt hormones, affect reproduction, cause respiratory problems or impair neurological development.
The study was commissioned by Environmental Defence. It examined blood and urine samples taken from 11 people from across the country to examine the range of pollutants found in Canadians' bodies.
Researchers looked for the presence of 88 chemicals, including heavy metals, PCBs, PBDEs (which are used as flame retardants), organochlorine pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The tests found 60 of the 88 chemicals in the 11 volunteers, including 18 heavy metals, five PBDEs, 14 PCBs, one perfluorinated chemical, 10 organochlorine pesticides, five organophosphate insecticide metabolites and seven VOCs.
On average, 44 chemicals were detected in each volunteer.
"The message to Canadians is: it doesn't matter where you live, how old you are, it doesn't matter how clean living you are or if you eat organic food, or if you get a lot of exercise. MORE...


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